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Green Building

Green Building for a More Sustainable World

Green Building | Ellison Building | Cape Fear, NCIt’s more important now than ever to pay attention to how we impact the environment, which is one reason why green building has been embraced by environmentally-conscious prospective homeowners. Homes have long impacted the environment in negative ways, and keeping these issues at bay is often a struggle. All this being said, green building has gotten to the point where it is more approachable and affordable for the average homeowner, and there’s never been a better time to get started.


The Basics of Green Building

Ask a builder what his philosophies are on green building, and chances are he’ll offer up a number of different ideas and solutions. Indeed, green building is somewhat of an umbrella category that takes into consideration a number of different elements which form the building blocks for a more sustainable approach to construction. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Materials Low in Toxins

Many building materials are host to a great deal of chemicals that can have a negative impact on the environment, such as VOCs found in paints and formaldehyde found in cabinetry. The potential for these chemicals to harm you and your family is a strong endorsement for the use of materials low in toxins when approaching a building project.

Sustainable Materials

Since green building primarily deals with how a project impacts the environment, it’s essential that the materials selected for the job are sustainable and minimally processed. Refashioning materials, for example, can have more of an impact on the environment than many people realize. Green builders focus on employing materials that are sustainable and have as little effect on the environment as possible.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is perhaps the most important aspect of green building. An energy-efficient home is one that is properly air-sealed, well-insulated, and features a high efficiency heating and cooling system that is properly sized for your home. When you build a home with energy efficiency being the focus, you can expect to lower your utility bills immediately.

Health and Comfort

Given the fact that you and your family will no doubt be spending quite a bit of time in your home, it’s essential that health and comfort remain the focus throughout the building process. Green buildings are designed to minimizing the use of harmful chemicals and creating a tightly-sealed building envelope that fosters a comfortable indoor climate year-round.

Green Building and The Ellison Difference

Ellison Building Company specializes in residential green building projects for residents in the Cape Fear region. Founder Lucien Ellison, a Certified Passive House Consultant, is passionate about bringing the principles of green building to each project he approaches, whether the budget is large or small.

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